I don’t know where to begin explaining my frustration for Trudeau’s childlike mind, perhaps with why his gender balanced cabinet undermines the credibility and qualifications of hard working Canadians. When asked about why having a gender balanced cabinet was important to him, he responded by saying “because it’s 2015”. I find it rather insulting for a cowardly leader to assert progressive politics with gender equity, dismissing the fact that there are biological differences between men and women. Research shows that men and women have differences in interest, it is for this reason, for example, why we have a higher representation of women in nursing and a higher representation of men in construction.

I consider Trudeau’s decision to have a gender balanced cabinet, despite having a substantially low number of women to men elected into office, one of many leftist ideological presuppositions that make him the perpetrator of his own good intentions. For example, he says that we shouldn’t discriminate but he intentionally hides the competent, qualified leaders behind a curtain and instead adds to his stage performance using his gender balanced cabinet. This is something that I refuse to accept, even if it means making up for barriers that prevent women from upward mobility, because it’s through meritocracy in which we achieve a prosperous society.

There’s no denying the fact that we need different voices in politics because that’s what gives perspective to different ideas. We need women – women of different races, classes, and so on to represent Canada at the highest level of politics because without them we start to face a rainbow of challenges. However, it must be accomplished without having affirmative action. “Because it’s 2015” implies that now women will have a better chance to become a cabinet minister, which is disappointing because it puts affirmative action at the center of decision making. Not only does that take away from motivating others to run for office, but it’s also a betrayal to democracy. I hope Justin Trudeau understands that his ploy to win votes and popularity using identify politics won’t work the next time around.

By Vinu Selvaratnam