Dear Kobe,

I fell in love with you at a very young age. I fell in love with your work ethic, your commitment to always getting better, your intelligence, your passion for life, but most importantly, your competitive spirit. In a few interviews, you said you wanted to be remembered as an overachiever. Not only do we remember you as an overachiever, we also remember you as a leader who didn’t embrace complacency, but rather a pursuit of excellence at every domain in life.

Without us getting to know each other, you helped me so much in my life that I am forever grateful for. I would study for exams, and while taking a break I would watch your videos to motivate myself. During times of pain and difficulty, I would be reminded of your prophetic voice that helped me push harder.

I tried to adopt the mamba mentality (emphasis on tried because to claim that you have adopted the mamba mentality is to be disingenuous to the level of difficulty that entails), and it has been an incomparable tool for chasing greatness beyond measure. Thanks for everything, Champ!

It is now incumbent on us to continue advancing your mamba mindset, for it has the potential to inspire people around the world to grow and flourish. I know that’s what you would want. God bless you, Kobe. Rest in peace.

Your die hard fan,